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Smart Cities: Detroit, Michigan (National Geographic)

Inside Jack White's new vinyl-pressing paradise (Rolling Stone)


For Jews from the former Soviet Union, New Year’s Eve always involves a Christmas-style tree (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)


How to learn Russian: A U.S. News guide (U.S. News & World Report)


Freedom, finally! Recalling the historic arrival of Soviet Jews in Detroit (Detroit Jewish News)


How grassroots efforts, secret trips and rallies paved the way for Soviet Jewish freedom (Detroit Jewish News)


Celebrities to companies want Matthew Richmond’s paper dresses (SEEN Magazine)


Children are Covid-19 long haulers, too (Elemental)


Smell training: How this therapy could help people having trouble smelling after COVID-19 (SELF)

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

COVID-19 takes dark toll on substance use disorder (The Detroit News)

Step inside the twisted world of Detroit's Theatre Bizarre (Detroit Free Press)


Built in 1902 as Temple Beth El, iconic Albert Kahn structure to get a $50 million restoration (Detroit Jewish News)


Drugs, sleeplessness, isolation: The downside of being a dance musician (the Guardian)


How much money do you really need to be happy? (Health Magazine)

These kid actors with special needs are getting standing ovations (Detroit Free Press)


Does fresh air help you sleep better? (


'Empires Fall' to celebrate Black WWII heroes (The Detroit News)


People swear by oil pulling for cleaner teeth—but is it actually safe? (Real Simple)


Veils handcrafted with Swarovski crystals (SEEN Magazine)


Your psoriatic arthritis pain-free travel checklist (Greatist)


ESTAS Beauty is bringing awareness to the importance of scar care (Byrdie)


Cyndi Lauper takes a 'Detour' through classic country (Detroit Free Press)

Alarm Clock

Sorry, night owls: The sleep you're missing before midnight is crucial (Real Simple)

Detroit's skyrocketing rents threaten longtime shops (Detroit Free Press)

Happy 20th birthday, Harry Potter; here's to the boy who took us to Hogwarts (Detroit Free Press)


Detroit’s African Bead Museum brightens up an entire city block with art and artifacts (Roadtrippers Magazine)


How your sleep fluctuates with the seasons (

The roots of techno: Detroit’s club scene 1973–1985 (Red Bull Music Academy)

Socialization therapies at Michigan hospitals help address kids' emotional needs (Hour Detroit)


Disco balls and $200: Here are 8 of Detroit's best speakeasies (Roadtrippers Magazine)

In Negotiation

6 tips for negotiating rates like a pro (Indy)


Tired of cleaning cat litter? This $15 gadget makes it a lot easier (Reviewed)

How music is being used to treat autism (the Guardian)

Road Trip

After visiting every country on Earth, Jessica Nabongo hits the road in the U.S. (Roadtrippers Magazine)

Female Clay Artist

10 amazing hair products for people in their 60s (Reviewed)


Keeping it real: How rapper Paul Wall stays true to himself (Red Bull)


5 fun facts about Jim Henson and his beloved Muppets (Hour Detroit)

Girl Working in a Cafe

Here's what work-life balance looks like across the world (Real Simple)

Flotation therapy and cryotherapy: Do they really work on sports injuries? (SEEN Magazine)


A spin on frequency: A history of dance music radio in Detroit (Red Bull Music Academy)

Drinking Martinis

Does 'hair of the dog' cure a hangover? We asked MDs about this boozy remedy (Real Simple)


Moby on new memoir, the decade in NYC that changed his life (Rolling Stone)

Standing in Lavender Fields

6 soothing benefits of lavender beyond its lovely scent (Real Simple)



Business meeting

Investing in women leaders is crucial to progress (partnership between USA TODAY and KPMG)

Online Workshop

Why your company's presentation software matters more than ever in the new hybrid workforce (partnership between Business Insider and Canva)

Smiling Friends

The perfect wine for your next night in, according to your sign (partnership between Elite Daily and Barefoot Wine)

Interior Design

10 home appliances & décor products that make ideal holiday gifts (partnership between Bustle and Walmart)

Online Violin Class

A connected future: How universal internet access could change life as we know it (partnership between The Daily Beast and Verizon)


Host the perfect holiday party with these seven easy ideas (partnership between Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and Marketview Liquor)

ClassPass founder on success: “You can’t accomplish anything without a team” (partnership between USA TODAY and Bumble Bizz)


Peloton exercise bike: Is this bike worth the spend in 2022? (Sports Illustrated Showcase)

A Woman Writing at Home

These are the benefits of premium cataract surgery (partnership between USA TODAY and Dean McGee Eye Institute)

Meeting with a Lawyer

8 estate planning mistakes and how to avoid them (partnership between USA TODAY and Southern California Attorneys)

Protein Products

The best vegan protein powders for plant-based diets in 2024 (Men's Journal)


Meet the surfer-turned-humanitarian who’s bringing clean water to the world (partnership between Vox and Dockers)


Adobe's Speech to Text boosts Crooked Media's podcast accessibility (partnership between USA TODAY and Adobe)


Vacation guide: Explore Myrtle Beach on a budget (partnership between USA TODAY and Visit Myrtle Beach)

Breakfast Date

7 dating app profiles for every type of snack lover (partnership between Elite Daily and Pop-Tarts)

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

What women need to know about bladder cancer (partnership between HealthyWomen and Astellas)


Meet the maker: Wallace Detroit Guitars (Shinola)

Holiday Snacks

This quiz matches you with the perfect snack for your Zodiac sign (partnership between Elite Daily and Pop-Tarts)


Come on back to Nashville for music, food and more this summer season (partnership between USA TODAY and Nashville CVC)

6362922f04fe8519328dc770_detroit header

Detroit: The Midwest city where techno and coney dogs were born (Scott's Cheap Flights)

Sleeping Cat

What are probiotics for cats? And can they improve my kitty's gut health? (Chewy)

Rock Concert

Detroit shines on as a top rock 'n' roll destination (Visit Detroit)

Gold Ribbon

Multiple myeloma patient inspires with education and action (partnership between USA TODAY and Janssen Oncology)

Remote Working

The "Labor Leftovers:" A guide to burnout after the Great Resignation (Indeed Career Guide)

Dog and Its Owner

What to know about winter supplements for pets (because yes, it's a thing) (Chewy)

Young Freelancer

Gen Z and millennial workers refuse to relinquish pandemic-era progress (Indeed Career Guide)


Culture, food and history make Chicago a prime choice for business meetings (Crain's Chicago Business)

Detroit Michigan Background. Rusty manho


Ashley Zlatopolsky is a Detroit-based journalist and content marketing expert with more than 60 cover stories published worldwide. Yet above all, she's a storyteller at heart.


Her award-winning portfolio includes editorial, branded content, interactive content, SEO, marketing, ghostwriting, commerce writing, radio and film. She writes, edits and creates content strategy for leading media publications and high-impact brands.


Ashley began her career writing about arts and culture as a freelance journalist in Detroit. She quickly branched out to write out about business, breaking news, health, travel, retail, history and more. Ashley's reported features were often on the front page of the Detroit Free Press, for which she also co-wrote a popular events column.


In the years to follow, Ashley took on a role with USA TODAY overseeing branded content campaigns nationwide for some of the country's biggest brands. Across 261 markets, Ashley led creative direction for clients like Chevrolet, BMW and Jim Beam.

Now, Ashley owns and operates Ashley Zlatopolsky Media as a full-time independent contractor. Her writing can be found in Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, National Geographic, Billboard, Men's Journal, the Guardian, Parents, Sports Illustrated, SELF, Healthline,, Business Insider, Real Simple, VICE and Detroit Jewish News.

She has also created marketing content for Shinola, Beachbody On Demand, Wix, Red Bull, Mattress Firm, StockX, Indeed, Scott's Cheap Flights, Little Caesars Arena, Chegg and Chewy. In addition, she has developed branded content for top brands such as Barefoot Wine, Verizon, Coca-Cola, A&E, Pop-Tarts, Saks Fifth Avenue and Adobe.

For work or partnership opportunities, please use the contact form below.



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